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Water Systems


The Castroville Community Services District owns and operates four (4) domestic water production wells. The estimated capacity of all four wells is just over 4.8 million gallons per day. The water system encompasses approximately 13 miles of pipeline and includes two water storage tanks with a capacity of 1.1 million gallons.

The District receives its potable water from the 400 foot and 900 foot aquifers. In addition, the District is dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to the community of Castroville.

Annual Water Quality Report

Castroville Community Services District routinely monitors for contaminants in you're drinking water according to Federal and State laws. We sample for over 112 contaminants but only those that show any detections are listed on the report.


The Annual Water Quality Report is available once a year (usually by July) to all water ratepayers in Castroville. Click on the link to the right to view the most current and prior year's PDF Report.

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 Annual Water Quality Report

2023 PDF Report

2022 PDF Report

2021 PDF Report

2020 PDF Report

2019 PDF Report

2018 PDF Report

2017 PDF Report

2016 PDF Report

2015 PDF Report

2014 PDF Report

2013 PDF Report

2012 PDF Report



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