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Water Services


Presently, the District serves more than 7,000 customers through 2,145 water connections in the community  of Castroville. The District provides approximately 7800 acre-feet of water annually to government, industrial, commercial, and residential customers. The District operates three domestic water production wells and the estimated capacity of all three wells is just over 3,888 million gallons per day. The water system encompasses approximately 13 miles of pipeline and includes two water storage tanks with a capacity of 1.1 million gallons. All  wells are sampled for over 180 constituents including but not limited to : chlorides, nitrates, total dissolved solids, static water level, and sodium. At this time, the District receives 72 percent of its water from the 400-foot aquifer and 28 percent from thr Site #2 that will get its supply from the 900-foot or "deep" aquifer.  Unfortanely, Well #5 has arsenic at 21 ppb, which exceeds the limit of 10 ppb per the State Water Resource Control Board. A treatment system has been installed. This treated water is being blended with the ecisting Well #2 at this site to bring the watetr below the 10 ppb level. Well  #3 is not pumping and the motor is not hooked up.